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November 8, 2014

A fun-filled and fast-paced one-day painting workshop that will yield you 6-8 small MINIATURE paintings in a day!

Douglas will walk you through his process in creating small 3" X 5" miniature paintings from photos. The morning starts out over coffee and a brief lecture covering the "Basics of Painting." These principles give us the vocabulary we will use throughout the day and will help to ease the somewhat subjective and sometimes frustrating part of the painting process. It also helps us create these little gems the rest of the day in a way that is concise and efficient. After we have established this vocabulary for the day, we will select 6-8 of the best of the photos that you bring to paint from. (You will need to bring approximately 12-15 small prints, 4" X 6" or 5" X 7" or something in that size range.) Then as a working "studio" class with Douglas leading the process with a "demo" on each and every step throughout the day, you will create your small "series" of paintings. Douglas will work with each of you to help select the photos and subject that will give you the best results. Composition, contrast and the simple elements to look for and what to do when you have to "doctor" up the painting because the photo reference is not as good as it could be will be discussed. A quiet atmosphere will be maintained so everyone can concentrate and hear Douglas' directions and suggestions. The next step will be massing in forms and shapes and laying in correct values. This sets the stage for the "finish" later in the day. After these 6-8 painting are "laid in," we will break for lunch and the paintings will be drying under heat lamps to fast forward the process. After lunch, we will discuss the best ways to tackle the finish and will start to put in some details and build up the paintings in simple steps. We will review them as we go and move through the process in a logical and smart manner, but still having loads of fun! We will display all of our paintings for a group critique the last hour of the day, and a small informal show will result. Refreshments will be served during this final hour which ends the class on a high note as we share our accomplishments in this condensed time of study. Douglas will work with each student throughout the day and will give very personal instruction and direction.

Supplies students are to bring:
12-15 small photos to paint from (photo reference)
A simple set of Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache or Oil paints will work as long as it includes Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, White and Black.
Brushes: Flats, filberts or rounds in #2, 4 and or 6 along with a small "pointer" round sable brush in # 0, 2 or 3 will also be necessary.
A quantity of 8 - 3X5 Canvases will be furnished for each student. (Extras will be available for $5. Each.)
Brushes and basic paint sets will also be available for purchase if the student does not have paints.

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