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2017 Class Workshop Description:

Painting dynamic still lifes in oil.
July 27-29, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

A very exciting class will cover the basic principles of oil painting with regard to painting dynamic still lifes, with emphasis on design and designing bold compositions and interesting layouts. Includes interesting and memorable discussions on composition, massing, building form, light and shadow: and depending on your own style, knowing when a work is finished (learning how to not overwork your painting). Douglas delivers sound principles of painting that are an incredible foundation for your painting, whether a beginner or a seasoned professional. After the brief morning intro, a very hands-on approach to the class, gets students mixing colors and preparing to paint. Students will work in their own style/technique so that the finished work is their own. Douglas will overview his palette and concepts that his work entails.

Students will mix paints and learn to mix basic strings of color to help comprehend how this preparation makes the painting process a little simpler and gets a working understanding of the value/strings of color. Students will paint fruits, vegetables, fun things like donuts and whatever fresh floral that are available at this time of year in Michigan. Fruit and vegetable still lifes - with arrangements of bowls and china plates and bold graphic table coverings, with strong side lighting make for a wonderful alternative subject to the florals. The thought Douglas puts into these classic arrangements and timeless subjects is as important as the painting itself. He will show you how he does it and why he makes the choices he does. A discussion on the pitchers, vases and vessels he chooses along with the cloth and fabric samples he uses will be included.

An incredible 3 day hands on painting experience will yield a good number of paintings and a logical thought process in a fun yet focused atmosphere to help you guide your future study. Your paintings can be as complicated or as simple as needed. Demos and individual discussions/instruction will help each student to start to begin to reach the preliminary goals they are striving to meet. We will paint from life and real set ups and some photographs. Plan to produce several studies and at least one or two larger, more finished paintings, depending on skill level. Plan to bring notebook/sketchbook and enjoy some demos along with some great stories to help you remember the principles that are the foundation of Douglas’ teaching. A small informal group show on easels in our class will end the class on a high note as we share our accomplishments in this condensed time of study.

Douglas’ Biography
Douglas David has painted his way across the country, capturing the beauty and spirit of the things he loves - tranquil country landscapes, sunrises and sunsets on his favorite beaches, a simple pitcher of spring lilacs or peonies, a lemon, lime or a slice of watermelon on a checked tablecloth. Paintings that reflect comfort, warmth meaning and simplicity: similar to everything important to him - his close knit family, life-long friendships, creatively fulfilling work and giving his best. A recipient of numerous regional and national awards and honors, Douglas’ teaching is a way of giving back and sharing some of his journey with those who choose to study with him. For more detailed information, visit www.douglasdavid.com.

Class supply list:

Douglas will offer “BASIC PAINT KIT” which includes all the basic oils, brushes, palette knife, palette and canvas panels and medium for those who do not want to buy these supplies individually. You would need to bring some paper towels and rubber gloves. Kit $150.00, payable directly to Douglas David.

Or you can bring these supplies...(these are not absolute, just my way of getting to a good result)
mineral spirits
Floral/Still Life oils - Utrecht (or your favorite brand) Cad. Red Light, Aliz Crim, Ultram. Blue, Ultram. Violet, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green, Green Earth Hue, Prussian Green, Yellow Ochre, Cad. Orange, Cad. Red Medium, Cad. Yellow Light, Ivory Black, Titanium or “Permalba” White (larger tube).

Floral/Still Life OPTIONAL oils - Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Greenish Umber Mixture, Sap Green Burnt Sienna, Holbein Jaune Brilliant No 2, Holbein Ivory White, Cad Red Dark

Paper Towels
Backpack (or some form of a way to carry paint and supplies)
disposable palette pad
palette knife
brushes- filberts- #2,4,6 maybe 8 or 10 or rounds in these sizes if you prefer rounds over filberts.
a few throw away bristle brushes from hardware store in 1" and 2-2.5" sizes
a 1-2" foam brush from hardware store
Canvases- Quantity: 2-3 5"x7", 2-3 8"x10", 2-3 10"x20" or 12"x16" or 16"x20" (or whatever size desired for larger painting)

And anything else student needs to help them paint well and feel comfortable.

Please prime all canvas with a thin coat of thinned down Cad Red light and Permalba white to make a pink or light red tone on canvas.

Douglas has a “suitcase of supplies” he brings along, it includes some recommended books, and some supplies in case a few students need a few items that are forgotten.

Class Tentative Outline:

Day 1
1st hour: Welcome/Overview of Class/Discuss principles with demos to explain ideas and concepts.
2nd hour: Mix Palette (Strings of colors).
Lunch: Brown Bag.
Entire Afternoon: Paint in studio based on principles discussed in demo. Douglas moves through the group in a rotation so everyone gets equal time.

Day 2
1st hour: Overview/Review Specifics-Targeted to help folks at different levels-demos as needed.
All of second day: Paint in studio at your own pace. Douglas moves through the group in a rotation so everyone gets equal time.
Lunch: Brown Bag.
Last hour: Review of work over past 2 days. Comparison, discussion of growth and struggles. Where you plan to go from here.

Day 3
1st hour: Overview/Review Specifics-Targeted to help folks at different levels-demos as needed.
Most of third day: Paint in studio at your own pace on set ups Douglas arranges for you. Douglas moves through the group in a rotation so everyone gets equal time.
Lunch: Brown Bag.
Last hour and a half: Select and display 2-3 pieces accomplished over the 3 days / a small class show with discussions and summary.

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