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2021 Class Workshop Description:

Using every other color to create interest in your whites . . .
January 8, 2021
9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

This amazing ONE DAY studio oil workshop will be a hands on day full of exercises and lecture to help you to better understand how to avoid using white in your painting. Whether whitecaps on a wave, a bouquet of hydrangea or fresh cut peonies, or a simple and elegant egg - using every other color and holding off on the use of white will help you to create interest. It will also help you tell the story in a more complete way rather than adding white upon white upon white, like icing a cake.

How to think about the whites in your work and the elements that affect the color will be a solid foundation that we will build upon in this day of study. Mixing work boards to help diagram the concepts that we will be discussing will greatly help you comprehend how to think and how to manage the whites. Palette progressions, mixing exercises, and basic organization of your greens will help you know how and why you go to certain baselines in various situations. Much time will be allowed for individual discussion and review in a systematic rotation.

Demos and individual discussions/instruction will help each student to produce some sample boards that will help them remember the lessons of the day. No actual paintings will be done - only exercises with reference to Douglas’ paintings for lecture and demo. The various sample boards that you work through with your own paint will be invaluable studio reference as you work on future paintings. Whether a fresh new painting, or correcting some problems, this workshop will give you a better understanding, a better knowledge of the questions to ask yourself going forward with your whites!

Douglas’ Biography
Douglas David has painted his way across the country, capturing the beauty and spirit of the things he loves - tranquil country landscapes, sunrises and sunsets on his favorite beaches, a simple pitcher of spring lilacs or peonies, a lemon, lime or a slice of watermelon on a checked tablecloth. Paintings that reflect comfort, warmth meaning and simplicity: similar to everything important to him - his close knit family, life-long friendships, creatively fulfilling work and giving his best. A recipient of numerous regional and national awards and honors, Douglas’ teaching is a way of giving back and sharing some of his journey with those who choose to study with him. For more detailed information, visit www.douglasdavid.com.

Class supply list:
(these are not absolute, just my way of getting to a good result)
mineral spirits
Oils - Utrecht (order from Dick Blick) Cad. Red Light, Aliz Crim., Phthalo Blue, Phthalo Green, Ultram. Blue, Ultram. Violet, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Green, Green Earth Hue, Sap Green, Prussian Green, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black, large tube of “Permalba” White
disposable palette pad, palette knife
brushes - filberts- #2,4
rounds - in above sizes if you prefer round over filberts
Unstretched white canvas or canvas pads in 9x12, 11x14 or 12x16 will work best to give you sample boards for future reference.

Class Tentative Outline
1st hour: Welcome/Overview of Class.
2nd hour: Discuss principles and set up white palette progression.
Lunch: On your own, brown bag.
Afternoon: Work on exercises and sample boards with Douglas’ guidance and demos.

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