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2025 Class Workshop Description:

Taking a bit more time to focus on 3 styles of drawing-illustration/rendering,
contour line and figure drawing.
January 28, 2025
9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

*Drawing Basics must be taken before Drawing II

DrawingIntermediate3.jpg This one-day workshop on drawing will continue your development. With Drawing Basics as a prerequisite, this will allow a bit more time in certain areas that were touched upon earlier - illustration/rendering, contour line and figure drawing. The Workshop will be divided up into 3 time sections giving you more time to focus on the 3 directions that are so important to drawing OR you can just concentrate on one area for entire second day. Taking more time and getting a bit more detailed in eggs, apples or flowers will help you to develop your eye and your composition. Then loosen up and investigate contour line drawing a bit more in depth. And finally, take some time on a figure or figures and start to understand why figure study is such an important part of the ongoing process of drawing. The goal of this workshop is to give you 3 more finished drawings in the day (or one very developed drawing).

This course will continue to develop your drawing skills and of course will help you with your paintings. The balance of the 3 styles, tight, loose and something in between will help you start to get a feel for your future direction/options.

The entire class is done with pencil in your notebook/sketchbook or on larger individual sheets of paper or illustration board. Lots of presentation, demo and workbook-type exercises to help you understand and comprehend these basics. A great class by itself to feel better about drawing or great to go with Douglas’ landscape/seascape and floral/still life class/workshops.

Lunch: Brown bag.

Supply list:

Great News! Drawing Basics Supply Kits are now available through the link below. Douglas used to offer kits in class, but demand was too great to keep up with, so this is the better way to get all the correct materials for the workshop!


You can click on the Blick link and order a kit in part or in its entirety, or assemble the supplies below.

#2 pencil or bring an assortment of #4H, 2H, HB, 2B and 4B and maybe a charcoal pencil
Vine or Willow Charcoal (usually sold in a box of 12)
pencil sharpener

*Illustration board or large single sheets of drawing paper can be used. A roll of strathmore drawing paper also good option.



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